Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hoot Owl

Sammy is also a Hoot Owl and loves to watch football!

comin down the stairs

Sammy has been practicing sliding at his mom's house...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

Cole with Santa - Cole told Santa that he wanted "to play in the NFL"
Sammy wasn't impressed with Santa but he did like unwrapping presents.

I didn't think Sammy was old enough to get the whole present unwrapping thing but he did. I know for a fact that he did because the last present was clothes and he didn't even bother finishing unwrapping it. Once he knew it wasn't a toy he just threw it aside.

Sammy loves food but he is very picky. Look at his tray.. He is eating bacon, cheese, cucumber and olives. Sammy always looks like he is having so much fun!
Cole, Sammy and I spend Christmas Eve day at my parents with all of my brothers and sisters. I have 7 brothers and sisters and they are all married. There is a combined 18 grand children. Mom and Dad and Grandma. If I am doing math correctly there was 36 including me. We started at 9AM with breakfast and went all day and into the evening. To make a long wonderful day short all I can say is I am very blessed. I have a big family and we all have means to get together as often as we like. My parents also spoil their grandchildren. I was going to post pictures of the tree and presents, but 18 grand kids with lots of presents isunbelievable and made me feel spoiled as well.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


The Rasmussen Thanksgiving was great this year. Cole, Sammy and I was able to spend time with my family and a lot of time together. I was able to get some projects done around the house. The picture below is my decorating attempt. I don't like holes in my walls but I love pictures so my life is in constant torment. The picture below dominates this wall but I already had a nail in the wall so I figured (picture on dinner table that needs a home somewhere other than the table + nail in wall = to small of picture on big wall but picture is off the table). I am joking I hung some pictures that worked well. However this picture will need to be moved.

Katy came over on Friday and decorated our tree. The tree looks awesome...

Cole played video games in his underwear. Is that bad?

Sammy pulled on the PlayStation cords bugging his big brother. Notice Cole in the background trying to get out of the picture but he is still holding his PlayStation controller. I wish he had this concentration at church.

The last picture is of my Dad, Sammy and their face licking dog that I don't like around Sammy. I would never tell my mom that though, I would be dead.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Cole and the attacking Poodle

Cole was viciously attacked by a miniature poodle today. The poodle was small as far as miniature poodles go but very very mean. Cole described the attack as taking several minutes and a few times the dog was very close to Cole's neck witch could have killed him if it had bitten his jugular vain. Cole was able to deliver a fatal blow killing the undersized miniature poodle. However at this time the old lady that owned the miniature poodle stepped in. Cole was able to land a hard right and she lost her dentures. By the time the ambulance arrived Cole had lost most of the blood in his little body. He was saved by the fast work performed by the paramedics. He was flown to the new hospital on 5400 South and underwent 7 minutes of surgery. He is in fair condition after he received 8 stitches to close his gaping wound and is resting calmly now. There is a slight chance he will lose his leg to infection because the attacking dog has rabies. It's been a long long day for me. Look for more details tomorrow...
Update - I had the story wrong. Cole fell out of a tree at recess. He will not loose his leg.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

breaking and entry

Sammy likes to crawl into my office and "help" me work. He is my paper shredder, slobber's on envelopes and destroys anything else that I need. I decided to barricade him out. I think he likes the barricade more than the papers in my office. He drops his cars over the top then retrieves them from underneath. I am very grateful for the happiness that Sam brings me.

2008 Football Season

It's hard not to brag about your children so I am not going to make any excuses. Cole was simply awesome this year. Cole was the quarterback and I think he only missed one or two plays all season. Cole was tougher than I thought he would ever be. He must get it from his mom because he is a lot tougher and smarter than I was at his age. His team the Hillcrest Huskies season record was 6-3 and finished 2nd. Hillcrest was "upset" by Olympus in the playoffs. I said upset because Hillcrest beat Olympus pretty bad in the regular season. Love.. Love.. Football.

Scrambling out of the pocket..

Hand off to Davis. Look for both Davis and Rasmussen in the 2022 NFL draft :)

Escaping death by Bountiful linemen...

I think Cole had the best arm in our division.

I can't even explain how fun it was coaching this team this year. Lots and lots of fun.....